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Modern Beauty was born out of the shared vision of Melissa and Leslie, who had spent numerous years working together in the dynamic world of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery right here in Austin, Texas. Their journey took an exciting turn when they were approached by Dr. Brady, opening the door to a collaborative space where the realms of aesthetics, beauty, thyroid health, and overall wellness could be explored and intertwined.

Why Choose MOD Beauty?

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the aesthetic and medical field, Melissa and Leslie bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to MOD Beauty. Their genuine passion for education and teaching is the cornerstone of their approach to patient care. They are dedicated to forging connections with patients and crafting personalized care plans that not only achieve natural results but also prioritize the patient's overall well-being.

At MOD Beauty, we firmly believe that an informed patient is a happier and healthier one. This unwavering commitment to patient education will forever remain our guiding mission.


901 West 9th St. Suite 110

Austin, TX 78703



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